vineri, 19 august 2011


Who are you if you lose someone who means the world to you? Can you lose that person without losing yourself?

miercuri, 17 august 2011


hey all you bloggers ..i have to say something..
i think..everyday you can learn something from someone .. isn't strange when you broke something and everything is gone ? it's likethe egg ..when you drop it..
enjoy every little thing before it's too late and before you gonna start missing everything
take care <3


if you are looking constantly  for people to replace him/her.. Someone to talk to everyday, someone to trust, someone to believe in, someone to love, someone who you can be yourself with.. you have to stop though. just realize that some people just can’t be replaced.

i guess..

It hurts to say goodbye when you know that life won’t be the same. But it’s better to give up than to fight, when you know that you’re the only one fighting.


have you just, not been able to get someone out of your head? I mean you know it’s over, but I walk around with this pit in my stomach and everyone tells me I’ll get over it. All I’m asking is when.