vineri, 9 septembrie 2011

it's so hard to fight alone with my problems ..
-gotta love your frieds:)
Do u want to hear THE STORY OF US my DEAR JOHN? We were once a LOVE STORY but then I turned FIFTEEN & u went and made me cry so I had TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR. U were so MEAN to CHANGE ur mind about me & make me feel INVISIBLE. Why can't u see that I'M ONLY ME WHEN I'M WITH YOU? I listen to OUR SONG all the time and remember how u used to be my SUPERMAN. I remember our LAST KISS & how INNOCENT we were back then. I will love u FOREVER AND ALWAYS even though u broke my PERFECTLY GOOD HEART. Taylor swift.

miercuri, 7 septembrie 2011

cool song right? i heart this song like..2 years ago or 1 year ago ..
and this song reminds me some old friends that i miss ..

For now, dreams > reality

I simply miss who you used to be. You’re so unfamiliar to me now. We may as well be strangers.

Once in a lifetime, you meet a person who takes your breath away. Not because you want them to, but because they’re meant to.

Have you ever wanted to ask someone something, but you were too afraid of the answer?

Forever is a long long time and time has a way of changing things.

Who I am is not influenced by other people,

but rather by me.

when you say" i love you " you make a promise to someone else's heart . 
so take care gonna lose it
I find pieces of myself everywhere,
and I cut myself handling them.
I am good at walking away. 
Rejection teaches you how to reject.
I think the best gift you can give someone is the reason to wake up in the morning.


did you forget everything i'll always remember?


I wanted the whole world or nothing.
Charles Bukowski


Don't ’ find love; let love find you. That’s why it’s called falling in love, because you don’t force yourself to fall. You just fall.